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We're proud our company promotes fair wages for the many women who work as professional caregivers.  As independent contractors, Bubbe's Caregivers set their own rates and keep 100% of their daily earnings. 

Please add Items #1, #2, and #3 below to estimate the total cost of your appointment.


Caregiver Time:
Most Bubbe's Caregivers charge between $20 and $25 per hour. Please check your Caregiver's profile for a discounted rate for longer appointments.


Caregiver Expenses:
Additional expenses include vehicle mileage (58 cents per mile), parking, etc. Receipts available upon request.


Service Fee:
Please select one of the 3 options below that best meets your needs.  Please call or email us to sign up for a membership, which is billed separately.  Service fees are non-refundable so we can continue to serve Clients' short-term needs. 
  • $19.99 Platform Fee  This covers our operating costs and supplemental insurance for each appointment you schedule through our Client app.  It is charged after a Bubbe’s Caregiver accepts your request and collected 2 days before your scheduled appointment.

  • $24.99 Concierge Fee  For Clients needing assistance setting up their Bubbe’s Care account and/or scheduling their appointment, we offer Concierge support for an additional $5.00.  As opposed to using our Client app, a member of our Support team will be pleased to contact you via phone and collect all the information needed to match you with the right Bubbe’s Caregiver.

  • $29.99 Bubbe’s Membership (monthly) This membership is ideal for Clients with recurring needs since it includes monthly Concierge support and no service fees for your first appointment.  A reduced $9.99 service fee would then be applied to each additional appointment scheduled over the course of 30 days.