Frequently Asked Questions

Besides transportation, what healthcare services can a Caregiver provide?

Depending on their professional qualifications, Caregivers can provide services related to nursing, therapy, or personal care (i.e. support with Activities of Daily Living).  While you can view a full list of pre-set services on our Client app, feel free to add notes to your Appointment Request to describe a specific need. 

Are all Caregivers licensed?

Yes!  At this time, any Caregiver offering services on the Bubbe's Care platform is required to possess a healthcare professional license issued by the state of Georgia.  Licenses range from Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) to Registered Nurse (RN) to Physical Therapist (PT), which are identified on the Caregiver's profile.  While we verify each Caregiver's license is currently active, we also encourage each Caregiver to maintain professional liability insurance through the carrier of their choice. 

How do I pay my Caregiver?

Since Bubbe's Care is a platform that connects adults, seniors, and families with individual Caregivers, you negotiate payments directly with the Caregiver you hire.  While most Caregivers use mobile payment apps like  Zelle or Venmo, you may prefer to pay them via check or cash.  Because Caregivers are independent contractors who set their own billing rate and hours, they are responsible for preparing and filing their own taxes.

What type of background check does Bubbe's Care complete?

Bubbe's Care partners with Checkr, a national background check service provider.  In order to offer services on our platform, Caregivers must complete a national/ state/ county criminal, Social Security Number, Sex Offender, and FACIS®  Level 3 Healthcare Sanctions check.  Caregivers are also required to perform a 10-panel drug screen in-person at a local testing site. 


How does Bubbe's Care also review driving records? 

Because all Caregivers offer transportation services, our Operations team will access state records to confirm the status of the Caregiver's driver's license.   Our team also verifies both the registration and insurance status of the vehicle the Caregiver will be operating for the platform. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Before a Caregiver is approved to offer services on Bubbe's Care, she/ he is made aware of our "1 Strike" cancellation or no-show policy.  If your Caregiver has to cancel an appointment, we ask that she/ he let you know as soon as possible (no later than 24 hours before the appointment time) so you can find a replacement.  If the Caregiver cancels an appointment within 24 hours or does not show up for a scheduled appointment, please email/ call our Support team, and she/ he will be removed from our platform. 

If Caregivers are independent contractors, wouldn't they save money working "offline"?

Yes, Caregivers would avoid a monthly subscription cost, but Clients and Caregivers alike use Bubbe's Care for short-term needs and may not have predictable schedules.  Plus, our rating/ review system ensures a level of accountability and that would be hard to apply outside of the platform. Unlike most "gig economy" apps, Bubbe's Care does not charge Caregivers a commission or transaction fee, allowing them to keep 100% of what they earn. 

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