Frequently Asked Questions

Besides transportation, what services can a Bubbe's Caregiver provide?

Since all Bubbe's Caregivers are licensed Nurse Aides (or certified nursing assistants), services are currently limited to transportation, companionship, and non-medical personal care (i.e. support with Activities of Daily Living).  While you can call us or download our Client app for a list of pre-set services, feel free to add specific notes to your Appointment Request for other  needs. 

Are all Caregivers licensed and individually insured?

Yes!  At this time, any Caregiver offering services on the Bubbe's Care platform is required to possess a Nurse Aide license registered with the state of Georgia.  While we ensure each CNA  license is currently active, we also confirm whether all our Caregivers carry their own professional liability (malpractice) insurance. Bubbe's Care, as a company, carries a commercial General Liability policy, which includes Hired and Non-Owned Auto (HNOA) insurance coverage. 

How does payment work?

While Bubbe's Caregivers set their own individual billing rates (about $20 - $25 per hour), please refer to our Pricing section for details on our Booking Fees.  When creating an Appointment Request, please note Caregiver time is billed as 1-hour increments (with a 15-minute grace period).  After a Caregiver accepts your Appointment Request, you will receive an initial invoice from Bubbe’s Care within 48 hours.  Payment is required the day you receive your Caregiver "welcome call" to finalize the booking process. Bubbe’s Care will hold these funds and transfer them to your Caregiver only after she/ he completes the scheduled appointment.


If your 1st payment does not cover additional expenses such as mileage and extra Caregiver time, Bubbe’s Care will process a 2nd payment using your debit/credit card on file. Please keep in mind Caregivers are independent contractors who are responsible for preparing and filing their own taxes.  At this time, Bubbe's Care invoices Clients directly and does not submit claims to insurance companies or government agencies. 

What type of background checks do Bubbe's Caregivers complete?

Bubbe's Care partners with Checkr, a national background check service provider.  In order to offer services on our platform, Caregivers must complete a national/ state/ county criminal, Social Security Number, Sex Offender, and FACIS®  Level 3 Healthcare Sanctions check.  Caregivers are also required to perform a 10-panel drug screen in person at a local testing site. 

Because all Caregivers offer transportation services, our Operations team will access state records to confirm the status of the Caregiver's driver's license.   Our team also verifies both the registration and insurance status of the Caregiver's vehicle.   


What happens if my appointment is delayed and runs over schedule? 

We understand things happen and appointments may get delayed, especially physician consults and medical procedures. However, we ask that you please account for potential delays when scheduling services since our Bubbe's Caregivers are balancing other professional and family commitments.


If your appointment extends 15 minutes past your scheduled end time, a $25 delay fee will be charged to your debit/credit card on file.  Additional Caregiver time will also be charged based on the hourly rate listed on your Bubbe's Care invoice.  When you expect a delay before or during your appointment, please reach out to your Caregiver as soon as possible so she/ he can plan accordingly.  

What is your Cancellation policy? 

Caregiver Cancellation Policy:

Before a Caregiver is approved to offer services on Bubbe's Care, she/ he is made aware of our "1 Strike" cancellation or no-show policy.  If a Caregiver cancels an appointment within 24 hours or does not show up for a scheduled appointment, she/ he may be removed from our platform indefinitely.  This explains why we ask our Caregivers to communicate schedule changes as soon as possible (no later than 24 hours before the appointment time) so Bubbe's Care can help find you a replacement. 

Client Cancellation Policy:

•If Client cancels more than 48 hours before scheduled appointment - No charge

•If Client cancels 24 - 48 hours before scheduled appointment - 50% of cost of Caregiver Services or $25 (whichever amount is greater)

•If Client cancels within 24 hours of scheduled appointment – 100% of cost of Caregiver Services

If Caregivers are independent contractors, wouldn't I save money hiring them outside Bubbe's Care?

That's correct.  Clients would avoid paying a booking fee if they were to hire Caregivers "offline".  However, Bubbe's Care guarantees Clients a level of accountability, scheduling support, and commercial insurance coverage that would be hard to access independently. 


Plus, a specific Caregiver may not have a regular schedule and always be available for a Client's recurring need. Since many nurse aides are working mothers, we take pride in that Bubbe's Caregivers keep 100% of their hourly rate, ensuring they make a fair wage for a noble profession.