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COVID-19 Update

  1. Has your Loved One or Caregiver experienced any COVID-19 symptoms (per CDC guidelines)? 

  2. Has your Loved One or Caregiver been in contact with anyone with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or with anyone who has experienced COVID-19 symptoms?

  3. Has your Caregiver taken a COVID-19 diagnostic and/or antibody test?

  4. Should your Caregiver bring and wear appropriate personal protective equipment for your scheduled appointment (e.g. face covering, gloves, etc.)? 

  5. Should your Loved One wear appropriate personal protective equipment during your scheduled appointment (e.g. face covering, gloves, etc.)?

  6. Will your Caregiver have access to both a restroom and eating area during your scheduled appointment?

  We’re reminding our Clients and Caregivers to follow advice from public health authorities. Sanitize and wash your hands frequently, and please cover your cough or sneeze. If you or your Loved One is sick, please stay home and away from others. For more information, members of the Bubbe's Care community can find more detailed guidance on home caregiving on the CDC website.  

For emergency medical attention, call 911 or call ahead to your local emergency facility. 

Notify the operator you are seeking care for someone who has or may have COVID-19.

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